Electric Wax Melts Warmer Instructions

WARNING: When using electric products, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:

  • Read all instructions before using the product
  • Do not put fingers or hands into the unit
  • Do not immerse in water
  • To reduce risk of injury, close supervision is necessary when used near children

Failure to follow instructions could result in a fire hazard. Use only with Yankee Candle® Wax Melts.

CAUTION: This Electric Wax Melts Warmer uses electricity. Risk of electrical shock exists if metal or any other foreign object is inserted into any part of this Electric Wax Melts Warmer or it is improperly used. Use only in properly functioning 120-volt electrical outlet. Place unit on flat surface. Use caution — heated wax can cause burns. Do not leave unit unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Do not use with extension cords. Always maintain a clearance of 12 inches (30 cm) above warmer. If unit blocks “TEST” or “RESET” buttons of a GFCI outlet, test GFCI on a regular basis. 

Directions for Use:

Place one of our Wax Melts in the bowl of the warmer, plug into an outlet, turn on the warmer, and enjoy the wonderful ambiance.