Choose Your Fragrance Family

Find the fragrance that fits you best.

Fruity & Citrus Scents

Deep and vibrant notes of fruit; these fragrances are refreshing and optimistic.

Fresh & Clean Scents

Crisp, pure, and airy; these fragrances provide a space to relax and breathe.

Floral Scents

Dreamy, lush, and romantic; these fragrances are enchanting and captivating.

Gourmand Scents

Sweet, satisfying, and delectable; these fragrances appeal to the refined palate.

Ambery Scents

Warm, indulgent, and rich; these fragrances are sophisticated and rare.

Woody Scents

Earthy, smoky, and authentic; these fragrances are grounding and iconic.

Stylish Scent That Fits Every Space

Select a Woodwick® scented candle by browsing by fragrance until you find the one that fits you best. If you are seeking seasonal ambiance or a fragrance best suited for a particular space, each scented candle has an exclusive fragrance blend. With a sophisticated shape, wood-grain lid, and a patented, innovative wick, Woodwick® scented candles have a distinctive crackling sound and an intriguing glow for the ambiance best suited for your home. Whether your style is bright and refreshing, warm and indulgent, or sweet and satisfying, you can shop by fragrance to creatively complement your décor and find the right scented candle to create the perfect, luxurious ambiance.

Choose a Favorite Shopping by Fragrance

Choosing the right scented candle is easy when you shop by fragrance. Discover more of your romantic side with delightful scents from the floral family such as honeysuckle and lavender. Or shop the fruity & citrus family for scents that are vibrant and invigorating — sample melon or spiced blackberry to fill your space with zesty fragrances. The ambery family fragrances are for those who want a sense of warm indulgence. From buttery goodness to vanilla bean, you’ll be intrigued in its warm ambiance no matter what you choose. The fresh & clean family will fill your senses with bright and breezy optimism, or choose a candle from the woody fragrance family if you’re seeking our top picks for feeling warm and grounded. For those with a refined palate, the gourmand family are sweet and satisfying. Need décor-enhancing color for your space? Select the perfect hue from gentle cream to deep red.