Choose Your Fragrance Family

Find the fragrance that fits you best.

Fruity & Citrus Scents

Deep and vibrant notes of fruit; these fragrances are refreshing and optimistic.

Fresh & Clean Scents

Crisp, pure, and airy; these fragrances provide a space to relax and breathe.

Floral Scents

Dreamy, lush, and romantic; these fragrances are enchanting and captivating.

Gourmand Scents

Sweet, satisfying, and delectable; these fragrances appeal to the refined palate.

Ambery Scents

Warm, indulgent, and rich; these fragrances are sophisticated and rare.

Woody Scents

Earthy, smoky, and authentic; these fragrances are grounding and iconic.

A Multi-sensory Experience

Choosing the right scented candle is easy when you shop by Fragrance Family. Whether you prefer to indulge your romantic side, favor something fruity or spicy, or enjoy the warm indulgence of ambery and earthy scents, your favorite fragrance will add elegance to your space. Room-filling fragrance, a crackling wick, and décor-enhancing design make any candle from WoodWick® perfect for indulging in just the right scent. You’ll find scented candles that feature Pluswick® Innovation wicks enhancing the sensory experience with a distinctive crackle and glow, as well as Hearthwick® Flame candles for experiencing intriguing ambiance with a long, dancing flame.

Scent That Resonates with You

Browse by fragrance to find the WoodWick® scented candle that fits your curated space and resonates with your individual style. Whether you are seeking scent for the season or want to add an aromatic complement to the everyday, you’ll find an exclusive fragrance blend in each scented candle. The vessel shape, wood-grain lid, and a patented, wooden wick have a refined elegance. Each candle adds warm ambiance with a distinctive crackle and intriguing glow.