Patio Refresh & Outdoor Entertaining Tips

It’s time to get our porches and patios ready to welcome back friends and family.
We hope you’ll enjoy these tips for creating your own refreshed and inviting outdoor spaces,
inspired by our friend Eden of @SugarAndCharm!

1. Decorate with Flowers
You can beautify any outdoor setting with floral arrangements.
Place vases or flowerpots all around for colorful, natural decorations your guests will love.

2. Create Conversation Spaces
Instead of arranging all your seats in one big line, gather a few together to encourage small,
personal conversations between your guests.

3. Design with Fragrance
Enjoy true-to-life Yankee Candle® fragrance with a selection of our new Outdoor Candles,
blended with citronella & other essential oils and designed to complement
your favorite outdoor moments.

4. Bring the Indoors Out
Use outdoor rugs and pillows to bring the most comfy parts of the indoors
onto your patio or porch for a fun and inviting ambiance.

5. Light Up the Night
For a festive evening under the sky, set out Outdoor Candles and hang market lights
to make your special night cozy and bright.

6. Don’t Forget the Snacks
A well-fed guest is a happy guest. Get a fire going in a safe enclosure and bring out
a make-your-own s’mores board or another toasty, tasty treat for all to share.