Joining Yankee Candle Rewards

YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS is a free-to-join loyalty program that lets you earn points on your purchases and activities for free Candle Cash. You get exciting perks like early access to select sales, plus bonus premium benefits that unlock when you earn enough points. We’ll even give you a gift for your birthday!

  • We’ve automatically migrated your points over to the new program. The scale of our rewards points is different in YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS, so while it may look like you have fewer points now, we promise — your points still have the same value, and you’ll earn $5 rewards just as fast.
  • E-Voucher rewards are now called Candle Cash.
  • Some of the ways to earn points have changed, but we’ve added even more and better perks and activities. You’ll also now get extra benefits like early access to select sales and free birthday gifts.
  • There are now two levels of membership: Fragrance Fan (0-999 points earned in a calendar year), and Fragrance Lover (1,000+ points earned in a calendar year). Both levels are still completely free.
  • You now have one single account and password for both your orders and your YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS account, so it’s easy to keep track of all of your information.

Registering is quick and easy. Just visit our Sign-Up page to get started!

You should receive an email within 24 hours of registering that will give you a link to complete your profile. Make sure you click and finish setting up your account so you can unlock the points you’ve earned since your visit!

If you already have a account, then you can sign up for YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS by logging in to your account page, clicking the Rewards icon at the top right, then reviewing and opting into the YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS terms & conditions. It’s easy!

There are lots of perks to becoming a member — and remember, it’s free!

  • Earn points for Candle Cash that you can use to make purchases
  • A free gift for your birthday every year
  • Early access to special sales
  • And more great surprises!

Earning Points

YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS members earn points on every dollar spent (excluding taxes) at Yankee Candle® Company Stores, Yankee Candle® Outlet Stores, and in the U.S.A. Points cannot be earned from international purchases, outside retail stores, or Yankee Candle® Fundraising orders.

YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS members earn points on the dollar value (before taxes) of almost everything they buy at U.S. Yankee Candle® Stores and on, including WoodWick® and Chesapeake Bay Candle® brand products. Points are not earned on gift card purchases, taxes, or shipping fees. Any restrictions will be set forth in store or on these websites.

If you are shopping at a Yankee Candle® Company Store or Outlet, then provide your email address to a store associate at the register and your points will be automatically added to your YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS account when you make your purchase.

If you are shopping on, then make sure you are signed into your account before you make your purchase and your points will be automatically added to your YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS account once your order has shipped.

Yes! All YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS members earn 2X points on the dollar value (before taxes) of any Auto-Ship subscription orders. Find out more about Auto-Ship by reading our FAQ.

For in-store purchases, your points will be added to your account within 24 hours of your transaction.

For online purchases made on, your points will be added to your account when your items ship. This means that there will be a short period after you place your order where your points do not yet appear in your account. We’ll send a shipping confirmation email to let you know when your items are on the way!

Points earned from purchases made on will be automatically added to your account when your order ships and you get your shipping confirmation email. Points earned from purchases made in Yankee Candle® Stores will appear in your account within 24 hours of purchase. If your points still have not appeared in your account after that, then please contact Customer Service.

You can see how many points you earned from an order made on by logging into your account, clicking on ‘My Rewards Overview’, and scrolling to the bottom to see your order history.

There are even more ways for YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS members to earn points! You can:

  • Add Information to your profile, like your birthday and your phone number (50 points each). Don’t forget, if you tell us your birthday, we’ll give you a special birthday gift!
  • Take Quizzes (25 points per quiz, once every 3 months).
  • Write a Review (25 points per review, limit 10 per year).

We often have short quizzes on that help us make fragrance recommendations and find out what you like. YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS members earn 25 points for every quiz they take on our site! Just make sure that you’re signed into your account before you start. Please note that you’ll only earn points one time per unique quiz. We may not always have a new quiz available, so if you don’t see one, then check again soon. All of our quizzes are short and sweet!

After you have purchased an item while signed into your account on, you will receive an email about your purchase. Check the ‘I want to earn rewards points for this review’ box in the email and follow the instructions to submit a review of your purchased item. Once your review has been approved, the points will be added to your account within 48 hours. You’ll earn 25 points for each review, up to 10 reviews each calendar year!

Points expire after 12 months on the last day of the month they were earned. You can view available points and expiration dates in the Rewards Overview section in your account. Candle Cash expires 90 days after receipt.

You may have noticed that there are two different point totals listed in your YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS account:

  • Your current point balance keeps track of how close you are to earning your next $5 Candle Cash reward. Once you reach 1,000 points and get your reward, your point balance will reset back to zero (plus any leftover points over 1,000 from your last purchase). This is also the number of points that you can see next to your name when you log in.
  • Your total points earned are all of the points that you’ve collected in our new program since January 1st of the current calendar year. These are the points that count toward your membership status of Fragrance Fan or Fragrance Lover. You’ll keep this status for the rest of the calendar year in which it was earned — plus the whole year following!

You can earn points for purchases made using a gift card or Candle Cash on all items except for the purchase of new gift cards. (Please note that you will not earn points on the cost of shipping fees or tax.)

There are a few reasons why you may not have earned points on a purchase:

  • You might have forgotten to give your email address at the register when you paid for your in-store purchase. Always let your store associate know that you’re a YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS member before you pay.
  • You may have checked out as a guest when you made a purchase on You need to be logged in to get your points for online orders.
  • You may have made an international purchase. Sorry, but only orders placed and shipped within the U.S.A. earn YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS points.

We’re sorry, but you can only earn points on purchases made while you are an active YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS member.

You can earn up to 30,000 points ($150 in Candle Cash) between January 1st and December 31st of each year.

Candle Cash

Candle Cash is a voucher that YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS members get by earning points.

Every time you reach 1,000 points as a YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS member, you will automatically receive an email with $5 in Candle Cash. (If you earn 2,000 points in a day, we will send you $10 in Candle Cash, and so forth, up to $20 per day.)

You can spend it on or in a Yankee Candle® Store or Outlet to buy anything you want!

While placing your online order, type the unique 16-digit Candle Cash code from your reward email into the ‘Gift Card or Candle Cash’ box during check-out.

Just present your Candle Cash certificate to a store associate at the register when you are ready to pay for your purchase. You can provide a print-out or show the certificate on your phone or other mobile device.

Yes, if you don’t spend the entire amount in one purchase, then you can keep using it until it’s gone.

Yes, Candle Cash can be used to pay for both products and their shipping cost.

Candle Cash is valid for 90 days after the date it was issued.

Yes, you can!

Sorry, but Candle Cash has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash back.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You can find the unique 16-digit code for your recent Candle Cash reward by looking in the Rewards section of your account.

Membership Levels

When you sign up for free to join YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS, you automatically become a Fragrance Fan and qualify for all standard membership benefits. If you earn 1,000 points in a calendar year (between January 1st and December 31st), you will become a Fragrance Lover and unlock even bigger benefits!

In addition to all of the same benefits that a Fragrance Fan has, members who qualify as Fragrance Lover get FREE shipping on all $25+ orders, 1.25X points per dollar spent, and a premium gift for their birthday.

YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS members at the Fragrance Lover tier automatically earn 1.25X points on all qualifying in-store and online purchases.

Yes! As a Fragrance Lover, you will earn 2X points on all Auto-Ship subscription orders plus your extra 1.25X bonus — even more than the standard 2X points for Fragrance Fans.

Once you have earned 1,000 points in a single calendar year, your Fragrance Lover status will remain for the rest of that year, PLUS the entirety of the next year through December 31st.

Yes, it can. You need to earn 1,000 points between January 1st and December 31st in order to reach Fragrance Lover status and keep it for the entire following year. If you earn fewer than 1,000 points in a calendar year, then you will go back to Fragrance Fan status the next year. Earn 1,000 points and you’ll be a Fragrance Lover again!

Membership Benefits & Rewards

Want to see all of the rewards that you’ve earned so far? Just log into your account at the top right of the screen on, click the ‘My Rewards’ icon in your account page, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find your rewards history!

Surprise! At least once a year, YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS members will get access to special sales on before anybody else. Look out for emails to notify you when we are running these exclusive sale windows.

Yes! You will receive a birthday gift every year that you are a member of YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS.

On or around your birthday, we’ll send you an email with a coupon for your surprise gift. You can redeem your birthday gift coupon in a Yankee Candle® Company Store or online at (please note that standard shipping fees apply). You must be subscribed to receive our emails and have your birthday saved in your account in order to get your gift.

Yes, your birthday gift code will expire 30 days after it is issued to you.

Other Questions

No, that information is optional. But if you do want to share them with us, you’ll earn 50 extra points for each (100 points total), and we’ll be able to send you a special gift for your birthday!

If you need to delete your account, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Delete YANKEE CANDLE® REWARDS Account” and include the email address associated with your account.

Please review our privacy policy at